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Help a child GROWW for $1 per day.

Grace Regional Orphanage Without Walls

(GROWW) provides all that is needed so children thrive in their home and stay in school.


Studies have shown that 75% to 80% of the children in the orphanages in Haiti have a parent or a relative who would care for their children if they could afford to feed them and send them to school. Poverty forces many families to give their children to orphanages, turn them over to people who make promises to care for the children and then traffic them or use them as slaves and abuse them. Often these children are lost to their families forever.

Because of these factors Mission: Haiti has started an orphanage without walls. After identifying at-risk children, the entire family becomes enrolled in a 3-year program of mentoring, business or agricultural development and education.

Children are enrolled in school and the family is mentored by a local pastor or principal who makes sure the family situation is improving and reports back to mission: Haiti. Sustainability is imperative.

You can help keep a family together and make sure children get an education by sponsoring a child for $1 per day, contribute to supplemental food for a family for any amount a month or provide a grant for a family business for a one time donation of $200.

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