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Saving Lives Like This Family

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

If you have prayed for or supported Mission: Haiti in this past year you have saved lives like this family. They live in the village of Deluge, where we took our last Community Health Outreach. Mom has 5 children. The oldest boy is 14 but looks about 8. The little ones are twins. Dad is dead. Mom had given her son to an orphanage but brought him home when she found out that they were “renting” him out. She was about to give the twins away because she could not feed any of the children or send them to school since her husband died. Today she received food for the next month and Pastor Nadir will be helping her start selling vegetables from her home so she can keep her children. Mission: Haiti will provide sponsorships so the older children can go to school. This family praised God today that they will live another day and they have hope for the future. Thank you for helping us do what God has put before us.

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