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What's Next for Mission: Haiti

When Mission: Haiti director Helen Roenfeldt died on February 18th, welcomed into the presence of her Savior, the news for all of her friends, family and Mission: Haiti partners was a sudden jolt. In addition to comforting one another and grieving her loss, as board members we realized our need to handle this unexpected transition for the sake of the mission to our partners in Haiti.

We expanded the board in March and April, inviting new members to serve. In May we engaged the services of Cornerstone Consulting to help us through revisiting of our vision, mission and strategic plan, taking what was in the heart of Helen and putting it on paper and within the structure of the board.

In August the Mission: Haiti Board of Directors will have an extensive meeting with Cornerstone to grow in vision and plan for our future, including the search and selection of a new director.

Meanwhile, the mission continues.

The mission of feeding hungry families, ensuring the children we are sponsoring in school are growing, offering educational opportunities so many church members gain skills to improve their livelihoods, and connecting with churches and pastors in outreach continues. With the current state of political unrest in Haiti and the COVID pandemic continuing there, we have not sent teams to Haiti for safety reasons. Our work is being handled in expert fashion by field director Lophane Laurent who remains on the ground in Haiti.

The heart of Mission: Haiti has been the relationships created between our Haitian brothers and sisters and those of us in the United States so that we empower them to carry on God's mission that God has given them. We hope to effectively serve them and expand what has been done in the past for God's kingdom expansion.

As the work continues in Mission: Haiti. We ask for your prayers as we plan for the future and for your financial support so the Gospel can impact many lives.

Mission: Haiti Board of Directors

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